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dob:  4/6/2010                     height:  22 1/2"
Sire:  Pecan Hollow C Total Eclipse
Dam:  SGCH/MCH/GCH Little Rascals Black Dahlia 2*D 1*M  LA 92 EEEE
Watsonville show - 2011 - 1st in his class all 3 shows - 15 monhs old
Watsonville show - 2013 - 2x1st - 1 x2nd
Watsonville show - 2014 - Reserve Grand Champion

dob:  4/16/2007

Sire:   CH Algedi Farm Drops Of Jupiter *B  LA EEE 91
ss:  Rosasharn UMT Hamachi
sd:  CH Rosasharn TL Zenith 3*D  E90
Dam:  SGCH Rosasharn UMT Tupelo Honey  LA EEEE 91E
ds:  ARMCH Rosasharn Under My Thumb 'E'
dd:  ARMCH Rosasharn Buckwheat Honey 3*D 'E' 3*M  LA EEEE 91

Shown only twice - 2nd out of 8 and 2nd out of 7

CH Mystiques BN Como
Sire:  Mystiques SG Blue Nuggett
Dam:  MYS DSO Tuscan Sun Blues
Alethia Como Wowie Kazowie
Sire: CH  Mystiques BN Como
Dam:  SGCH/MCH Algedi Farms 
Honeydew LA 91E
Reference Bucks
Twin Creeks FAX Ring Of Fire *S
Sire:  CH Twin Creeks WB Shadowfax *S EEE '91'
Dam:  MCH Twin Creeks Midsumernitedream 2*D E 
Ebony pictured at 15 months old
Everwood MB The Skys The Limit "SKY"
Sire:  Twin Creeks BW Montego Bay
Dam:  AGS GCH Twin Creeks WB Fanicful
Hunka Honey is a full brother to the beautiful Doe, Honey Dew only he is one year younger.
Pictured as a 2 year old
Copper Penny Stamp Hot Stuff

Sire:  AGS Caesar's Villa LV Stampede
Dam:  Copper Penny Wow One Hot Moma
Adobe Acres Blue Moon Rising
dob:  4/8/2014   Blue eyes  Moon spotted  22" at 2 years

Sire:  Copper Penny STAMP Hot Stuff
ss:  AGS Caesar's Villa LV Stampede
sd:  Copper Penny WOW One Hot Moma
Dam:  Adobe Acres WOW Georgia Brown
ds:  Alethia Wowie Kazowie
dd:  CH Algedi Farm MH Aria 

Castle Rock Sweet Anise *+B
dob:  02/12/2014 

​Sire:  Castle Rock Cleveland Sage +*B *5
ss:  Castle Rock Tanzanite *B*S
sd:  SGCH - ARMCH CRF Castle Rock Alum Root 1 *M 3*D VEEE 91
Dam:  CH/ARMCH Castle Rock Sweet Heart 2*M 6*D
ds:  Castle Rock Harvest Moon *S
dd:  GCH/ARMCH Algedi Farm S Honey Heart 1*M 5*D

Ace's Sire, Castle Rock Cleveland Sage made 
the 2015 and 2016 Elite Sire List.
barn name is " ACE"
 ACE 11 months old 
Hunka Honey is retired
dob: 5/15/2016        
L.A. Score V+V 86 (12 months old)

SIRE: Castle Rock Sweet Anise
ss:  Castle Rock Cleveland Sage *B
sd:  GCH Castle Rock Sweet Heart
DAM: CH Algedi Farm MH Aria
ds:  Algedi Farm MB Manuka Honey
dd:  CH Algedi Farm D Capella

Pictured at 2 months old
    dob:  3/18/2018
SIRE:  Alethia P Butterfinger
ss:  Algedi Farm DJ Piper
sd:  Alethia DJ Eye Candy
DAM:  Dragonfly TRI Bastett
ds:  Dragonfly ARG Triton
dd:  Dragonfly RY Bombay

Pictured at 1 year old
Alethia P Butterfinger
dob:  3/18/2017

Sire:  Algedi Farm DJ Piper
ss: Algedi Farm Drops Of Jupiter
sd: Algedi Farm D Capella
Dam:  Alethia DJ Eye Candy
ds: Algedi Farm Drops Of Jupiter
dd: Alethia CTO Eye Of The Sky
 2 months old
13 months old
dob:  4/4/2019

SIRE:  Adobe Acres Mister Snickers
ss:  Alethia P Butterfinger
sd:  Dragonfly Tri Bastett
DAM:  Adobe Acres Uptown Brown
ds:  Castle Rock Sweet Anise
dd:  Adobe Acres Wow Georgia Brown
We lost this great guy - would have been 13 years old next month.  We will miss him.  He was very special.
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Urban Acres CRF-BH Skyggen

SIRE:  Castle Rock GN Blackheart
SS:  CRF Castle Rock Guy Noir
SD:  Algedi Farm S Honey Heart
DAM:  Urban Acres ASD Fairey
DS:  Algedi Farm MH Space Dust
DD:  Urbank Acres PP Blue Firefly

I was so lucky to breed to this Buck belonging to 
Penny of Copper Penny herd in Santa Margarita.
Thank you Penny and thank you Jena for breeding him.