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Grand Champion Doe 2013
The sun is going down and I'm ready for bed


WE WILL NOT SELL GOATS FOR MEAT.  You must have proper fencing, shelter, and shade.  No goats shall be kept tethered.  No goat will be sold to live as a single goat.  Goats are herd animals and need the companionship of other goats.
Welcome To Adobe Acres 

A little about us...
Hello, my name is Debbie, my husband Tim and I live in Nipomo, CA.  Nipomo is situated on the Central Coast half way between San Francisco and Los Angeles.

I acquired my first two goats in 1996 from the Copper Penny herd in Santa Margarita.  The goats were for pets but soon I realized I wanted to show and breed these wonderful goats that come in a mini size and are so easy to care for.  

We maintain a small CLOSED herd to help insure good management practices and to accommodate me getting older. 
No outside breeding's or Boarding.  

Please enjoy looking around.  If you have any questions please contact me at

Whole herd tested annually for CAE and CL.  We are a negative herd every time.   WADDL.

Our goats are registered with American Dairy Goat Association. 

We are participants in the Scrapies Program.

Member of:
Ameican Dairy Goat Association

We grow our own dry land crop of hay every year
               We have downsized and are not breeding or showing anymore